All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind. (Kahlil Gibran)

Words. They convey. They really do.

It is here that I will share both poetry and prose corresponding to musings on the Surrealized Venn, always within the context of trying to understand while at the same time making assertions to move forward. The 2019 word cloud below offers any number of topics … all of which fall somewhere into the confluence of Surrealized.  The entirety of the 35,000 words from 2019 have yet to materialize in complete form here and as Surrealized progresses, I expect their contributions to become clearer.

Surrealized 2020 – 52 Weeks of Words:

  • 078 – Light Weight
    078 – Light Weight

    LIGHT WEIGHT – Glen Hartle Dawn is here. It arrived with little fanfare of its own relying upon gravity to make known its arrival. Inherent value risks being muted as…

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  • 077 – On This Day
    077 – On This Day

    ON THIS DAY – Glen Hartle My memories are not ambiguous and your unnecessary disambiguation stumbles under the glare of first person pronouns.

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  • 076 – Lost
    076 – Lost

    LOST – Glen Hartle Fear of missing out is to stand before the sage and offer advice.

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  • 075 – Tone Deaf
    075 – Tone Deaf

    TONE DEAF – Glen Hartle The rights to privileged query have always been on the table; up for display and not for discussion. All while temporal merit camouflaged as bounty…

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  • Multiplication (#125/168 of 2019)
    Multiplication (#125/168 of 2019)

    ** this is the poem I read today at the farmers’ market MULTIPLICATION – Glen Hartle The minor In your majority Is major enough For me. I exercise A privilege…

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  • 074 – The Mask
    074 – The Mask

    THE MASK – Glen Hartle You stand ready for acclaim noting that the low hanging fruit – though they were higher in your esteem – are scant. An odious shout…

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  • 073 – Downscrolling
    073 – Downscrolling

    DOWNSCROLLING – Glen Hartle The social drone goes on and you downscroll. Digitized expression of not listening and deliberately disengaging from what could be of interest, but interest is no…

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  • 072 – Best
    072 – Best

    BEST – Glen Hartle Coffee at grandma’s was never fresh; and that didn’t matter, it was grandma’s. The morning sun in the kitchen had to compete with her window shades…

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  • 071 – Sneaking Out
    071 – Sneaking Out

    SNEAKING OUT – Glen Hartle The throttle softens and with furtive steps I survey the aftermath with other like-minded isolationists. Finding little physical evidence to fuel fear, I lower my…

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  • 070 – Wake Up
    070 – Wake Up

    WAKE UP – Glen Hartle Openly stating an observation without qualitative appreciation and calling it engagement is like saying I love you while watching TV and calling it romance.

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  • 069 – Be Gone
    069 – Be Gone

    BE GONE – Glen Hartle Nuance is once again at play and my personal economy offers greater merit than the distractions charting across the horizon offering utility, cost and worth.…

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  • 068 – Not Your Fault
    068 – Not Your Fault

    NOT YOUR FAULT – Glen Hartle The dust of fear will have long settled when you come seeking indemnity from lost opportunity.

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  • 3 of 20 / 2011
    3 of 20 / 2011

    boycott - glen hartle go ahead and stand behind your belief that this action i have taken is so heinous that it deserves nothing less than silence and punishment by…

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  • 067 – Lob
    067 – Lob

    LOB – Glen Hartle I self-identify as a person, leaving the convenience of a scapegoat for others to chase, even while repositioning myself somewhere within the realm to embrace dismay,…

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  • 066 – Dialog
    066 – Dialog

    DIALOG – Glen Hartle I would like to have known you as a younger person not yet riddled with life for there I think I would have found someone not…

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  • 065 – Covidian Base
    065 – Covidian Base

    COVIDIAN BASE – Glen Hartle everyone has now lost something they took for granted humility lies in how this evolves from here

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  • 064 – Broken Dreams
    064 – Broken Dreams

    BROKEN DREAMS – Glen Hartle The pen in your hand has ink and yet refuses to write and so you avoid the mirror lest you see the unwritten.

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  • 063 – Didactic
    063 – Didactic

    DIDACTIC – Glen Hartle Don’t be naive: it was always your truth and the wrong truth at play. Mine was nowhere to be found.

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  • 062 – Ever Thus
    062 – Ever Thus

    EVER THUS – Glen Hartle and when the veil lifted and I once again had access to the trappings I was missing, a pit grew within me for the newfound…

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  • 061 – ZOOM
    061 – ZOOM

    ZOOM – Glen Hartle you were so busy celebrating the cleverness of your question you forgot to listen for my answer

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  • 060 – Gig Dialog
    060 – Gig Dialog

    GIG DIALOG – Glen Hartle Be wary of the gig dialog maneuvering into place for it will displace the one needed for the end game.

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  • 059 – Wounded
    059 – Wounded

    WOUNDED – Glen Hartle my flaws only became wounds when you pointed them out my wounds only became scars when you wouldn’t let them go

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  • 058 – DO DID COVID
    058 – DO DID COVID

    DO DID COVID – Glen Hartle Prepare history today for the dialog of tomorrow where questions will expose the qualitative nature of your self-management.

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  • 057 – Granted
    057 – Granted

    GRANTED – Glen Hartle Do not make the same mistake again and overvalue commodity for delivery. Regret will ensue.

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  • 056 – Coming Out
    056 – Coming Out

    COMING OUT – Glen Hartle I was initially not very good at being a rebel and so my correlates of well-being were generally passed to me by the familial, social and…

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  • 055 – Social Appetite
    055 – Social Appetite

    SOCIAL APPETITE – Glen Hartle Am I still a part of the story or has appetite for deference asked me to drift away? There will come a time when epidemiological…

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  • 054 – Stethoscope
    054 – Stethoscope

    STETHOSCOPE– Glen Hartle This virus is personal and it is unfair to my well-being to simply place my watermark over another. I acknowledge the index case, am harnessing my emotional…

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  • 053 – Follow The Joy
    053 – Follow The Joy

    FOLLOW THE JOY – Glen Hartle Deeper and deeper into isolation, the blind spots falter. Original thought resurfaces to provide company alongside the sound of the furnace. Stifled, ego wants…

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  • 052 – Now
    052 – Now

    NOW – Glen Hartle Even nature seeks new footing when change comes calling. As autumn swings to winter and the snows turn to spring, the lake path becomes circumspect and…

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  • 051 – Taken for Granted
    051 – Taken for Granted

    TAKEN FOR GRANTED – Glen Hartle Now more than ever before you know the cost of clever over engagement. Your virtues will always be there for you to admire, but…

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  • 050 – Silence
    050 – Silence

    SILENCE – Glen Hartle it is odd that you are still too busy

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  • 049 – Subjective Rule
    049 – Subjective Rule

    SUBJECTIVE RULE – Glen Hartle What is essential is essentially selective lest your first world view descend to the third. Desire and ability clash with perspective and volition and, as…

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  • 048 – Step
    048 – Step

    STEP – Glen Hartle The ballet of belonging Has always been between Indifference and care, With just enough poise To keep from taking For granted that which Is otherwise your…

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  • 047 – Self
    047 – Self

    SELF – Glen Hartle The snake Devours His tail as The Golden Rule Is rewritten For the modern day: Do unto Others As you Would Have done To them.

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  • 046 – Spinning
    046 – Spinning

    SPINNING – Glen Hartle Isolation thus far Has you cycling Through emotions No longer familiar And at a pace Leaving you breathless With need. Take heed, For you are better…

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  • 045 – Rent Asunder
    045 – Rent Asunder

    RENT ASUNDER – Glen Hartle Even as you load the dice, it is clear that your intent was never to propagate peers despite personal accord where gratitude should have encouraged…

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  • 044 – Plunder
    044 – Plunder

    PLUNDER – Glen Hartle proponents of nurture spend their lifetime thumbing nature and undermining the capable with their shouts of arrogance, only to then find that they had mercy wrong

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  • 043 – Intoxicating
    043 – Intoxicating

    INTOXICATING – Glen Hartle Wounded by nurture, you now coddle the underdog, feasting on their gratitude, while ignoring the capable, for they are guilty of your plight. Driven by nature,…

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  • 042 – Candlelight
    042 – Candlelight

    CANDLELIGHT – Glen Hartle Sitting alone by candlelight is only a dream if it is you who turned out the light. Otherwise, it is your worst nightmare.

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  • 041 – Fairest of Them All
    041 – Fairest of Them All

    FAIREST OF THEM ALL – Glen Hartle Looking into the mirror and listening to your own voice is the bias confirmation which undermines the common wealth more than the current…

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  • 040 – Press F5 to Reload
    040 – Press F5 to Reload

    PRESS F5 TO RELOAD – Glen Hartle It is not the disease with which we must come to terms. It is self. The millennials claim to be on the mend…

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  • 039 – Conviction
    039 – Conviction

    CONVICTION – Glen Hartle I gaze through the window at me of yesterday where I was looking out the opposite window, pandering to pity and clucking at the world. Sleeping…

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  • 038 – A Message At 50
    038 – A Message At 50

    A MESSAGE AT 50 – Glen Hartle Today is my birthday and even though time is not chasing me I know life has been openly flattering me. As if in…

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  • 037 – Aged Premonition
    037 – Aged Premonition

    AGED PREMONITION – Glen Hartle Social takes On new form As the world Tethers now to Your fingertips And you struggle To find Anecdote To your Isolation. Take notes For…

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  • 036 (haiku)
    036 (haiku)

    stop ascribing my emotions to your vantage. I am me alone

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  • 035 – Torn
    035 – Torn

    TORN – Glen Hartle And suddenly you find yourself hyperaware of your surroundings, hopeful that the sound you just heard was a knock at the door. For even though you…

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  • 034 – Bewitched
    034 – Bewitched

    BEWITCHED – Glen Hartle Invariably Regret And Remorse Will Tempt To fill The void. Be wary Their Overtures For They Will Undo you.

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  • 033 – Descent
    033 – Descent

    DESCENT – Glen Hartle It is with amazing speed That you have arrived here, At the pyramid base, Where myopia has overwhelmed And distils the world to only you. Your…

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  • 032 – Vulnerable
    032 – Vulnerable

    VULNERABLE – Glen Hartle He seeks franchise, refusing to capitulate, and affords himself license to manufacture normal even while guidance has been withdrawn and the Land of the Wanderer lies…

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  • 031 – COVID-19
    031 – COVID-19

    COVID-19 – Glen Hartle Be aware, neither scripted or jaded, and be ready for the post pandemic period. Be understanding, setting aside your indignation opting instead to be humble and…

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  • 030 – Post
    030 – Post

    POST – Glen Hartle The harvest has failed; Fertilized too heavily With your scripted zeal where Nature and nurture, both, Offended by bearing, Affirm once again That size doesn’t matter…

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  • 029 – Mark It
    029 – Mark It

    MARK IT – Glen Hartle My scars are Selling fear but There’ll be no buying At the bell For the risk Is too high And the odds Well-shuffled. I will…

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  • 028 – Shack In The Valley
    028 – Shack In The Valley

    SHACK IN THE VALLEY – Glen Hartle Five bars in And the music wasn’t right. Consumption comes With its own ascetic though As quantity became confused With quality And three…

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  • 027 – Starboard
    027 – Starboard

    STARBOARD – Glen Hartle The sound of cutlery Subsides and I am Once again alone With transition, Sole observer to The successful Inversion of night. Absent peers, My presence is…

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  • 026 – Not Yet Dawn
    026 – Not Yet Dawn

    Not Yet Dawn – Glen Hartle Flip. Flop. Flip. Reverberating sound of footsteps in the hall. Approaching. Receding. Deliberate. Methodic. Sequential. Suddenly … … a check and a change of…

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  • 025 – The Dance Floor
    025 – The Dance Floor

    The Dance Floor – Glen Hartle Curating hope as you navigate the moment through the eyes of the present and choose the future over the past, resetting memories along the…

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  • 024 – Avail Ability
    024 – Avail Ability

    Avail Ability – Glen Hartle  A scintilla is superlative when the moment is right

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  • 023 – All In
    023 – All In

    All In – Glen Hartle Dreams are not only for the young and I have not yet hit my dew point. With no state of uncertainty propagating joy, the chain…

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  • 022 – V²
    022 – V²

    V² – Glen Hartle I am either a vessel of identity or a vassal to it. Is the choice mine?

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  • 021 – Blight
    021 – Blight

    BLIGHT – Glen Hartle The failed extrovert Lies claim to introvert Seeking harbour Even while faulting The extrinsic nature Of belonging at the expense Of being intrinsic.

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  • 020 – Rudimentary
    020 – Rudimentary

    RUDIMENTARY – Glen Hartle Dormant; ambition has succumbed. With dull rhinestones, he peers out at day knowing that it is not someone else’s fault and yet he should know their…

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  • 019 – Foe-Pas
    019 – Foe-Pas

    FOE-PAS – Glen Hartle Oh, sensibility, seasonal affliction under whose spell I unwittingly fall, I find you today swathed in possibility and shooing me away from your tethering shroud that…

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  • 018 – Order
    018 – Order

    ORDER – Glen Hartle Romance Thrives Leaving Pragma Listless

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  • 017 – Decay
    017 – Decay

    DECAY – Glen Hartle Time has been silenced. It no longer counts aloud and I am left to manufacture measure for the cadence of my thoughts. In this, the fault…

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  • 016 – Googled
    016 – Googled

    GOOGLED – Glen Hartle You have it wrong, you know. The role of the query is to better understand and not to confirm your own belief that you already know…

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  • 015 – Fenced In
    015 – Fenced In

    FENCED IN – Glen Hartle enclosure tightening and the appeal of the collective identity fades as you realize you are not the core and it is you who has to…

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  • 014 – Woolen
    014 – Woolen

    WOOLEN – Glen Hartle If Bliss Is Within, It is Left To the Wolf To Doff His Cloak And He is Unwilling, Lest Rapture Be Lonely.

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  • 013 – Failed Sincerity
    013 – Failed Sincerity

    FAILED SINCERITY – Glen Hartle effective charisma dependent upon social construct emanating from misplaced empathy

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  • 012 – Baggage
    012 – Baggage

    BAGGAGE – Glen Hartle the crippling of the passionate is to be witness of imitation taking the bow

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  • 011 – Your Garden
    011 – Your Garden

    YOUR GARDEN – Glen Hartle “Take this bouquet of transitions” said Absolute, “for each of them either begins or ends with me and what better offering have I?” “I cannot…

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  • 010 – The Thin Edge
    010 – The Thin Edge

    the thin edge – glen hartle emotions intensify with age they do not go gentle into that good night nuanced separation dissipates leaving many to coalesce into few concentration becoming…

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  • 009 – Take Up
    009 – Take Up

    TAKE UP – Glen Hartle Touch the moment for it is real, quantum and yet not; augmenting reality back into dreams and coalescing as the only thing that matters. Perhaps…

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  • 008 – Inhale
    008 – Inhale

    INHALE – Glen Hartle greeting: wafted aroma on wisps fleeting: times past rise up teasing: formless essence alights momentarily serenading: triggered nostalgia tempts joy synchronizing: heart buoyed embraces memory

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  • 007 – Take The Wheel
    007 – Take The Wheel

    TAKE THE WHEEL – Glen Hartle He talks to himself As there is no Lead zebra in the vast Expanse of his mind And thus the concept Of pack takes…

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  • 006 – Perplexing
    006 – Perplexing

    PERPLEXING – Glen Hartle The notoriety of Broad And the pulse of Grand Where Catcher has ceded To pitcher And we wonder aloud Whether any Have yet the courage to…

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  • 005 – haiku – 001
    005 – haiku – 001

    you bring out the best and why would I question that frugal is plenty ~ glen hartle

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  • 004 – Our Orthodoxy
    004 – Our Orthodoxy

    OUR ORTHODOXY – Glen Hartle I won’t make mountains out of your molehills as long as you stop reducing my joys into them. Fair?

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  • 003 – My Causality
    003 – My Causality

    MY CAUSALITY – Glen Hartle “What gives you solace?” The Father queried, mandate poised. A moment of reflect; a smile; a blush; “Desire” replied the poet. “Are you not aware…

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  • 002 – Perspective
    002 – Perspective

    PERSPECTIVE – Glen Hartle If populism Isn’t popular While vying For popularity Among Your people Then perhaps Your people Are too popular For your Populism And it’s time For change.

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  • 001 – Surrealized
    001 – Surrealized

    SURREALIZED – Glen Hartle With staunch devotion the calendar turns anew, ushering in a new epoch identifiable only by pointing in one direction while making vague motions in another. All…

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