The body is most fully developed from thirty to thirty-five years of age, the mind at about forty-nine. (Aristotle)

Yes – 50. I turn 50 this year and have crafted an activity list of “50 at 50” to salt the year and the exhibit with a personal — and mostly whimsical — edge. This likely corresponds most closely to the base (brain, eye, heart, hand) in the Surrealized Venn, however I am open to discovering that this is not the case. DO DO DID 2020!

My aim is modest and relies upon affirmations from the exhibit of 2019 – including:

I am human
I am alive
I am a boy
I am a man
I am

To that end, the soft list of 50 at 50 is as follows:

(note: the presence of a photograph within the item indicates it has been completed, and clicking on the item will take you to the entry corresponding to the activity)

01 Get to know a tree
02 Roll down a really big hill
03 Camp outdoors
04 Help a friend
05 Skim a stone
06 Walk in the rain
07 Fly a kite
08 Catch a fish
09 Picnic in the wild
10 Learn a new game
11 Explore on a bicycle
12 Hunt for natural treasures
13 Play in the mud
14 Dam a stream
15 Go on a wintry adventure
16 Make and wear a wild crown
17 Set up a snail race
18 Make art
19 Paddle downstream
20 Contribute to memorial hill
21 Forage for wild food
22 Make a monument of something fallen
23 Watch the sun rise
24 Swim to an island
25 Go barefoot
26 Make a tree flute
27 Hunt for fossils and bones
28 Go stargazing
29 Climb a mountain
30 Go on a scavenger hunt
31 Make friends with bugs
32 Float
33 Go cloud watching
34 Write a love letter
35 Make a home for wildlife
36 Bring up a butterfly
37 Get behind a waterfall
38 Go on a nature hike at night
39 Find my way with a compass and map
40 Cook dinner on a campfire
41 Keep a nature diary
42 Watch the sun set
43 Take a friend on a nature adventure
44 Send a surprise package to a friend
45 Memorize a new song
46 Take the longest hike
47 Make fire with flint
48 Make something solar
49 Recycle something into something else
50 Build a fort