The new release of AC / DC PWR/UP is awesome. It has me revisiting lyrics from Back In Black. It’s hard to believe the voice and musicmanship of this group 47 years after they surfaced!!

“Let Me Put My Love

This raven is acting like a Canadian F18 Hornet and is escorting the golden eagle, acting like a Russian Tupolev Tu-142, out of farm airspace today. FARM-AD in action

The calendars are in!! The first batch is sold out, and there’s still plenty of time to order more 🙂 You can even custom select images from my website 😉
** Alberta: contact Corina to get yours

13 years ago (roughly on this day), I finally learned to surf!!  After countless and fruitless attempts over some 15+ years … success!!…

The new shed is pretty much done. The only parts purchased: a 4x4x12 post; 2 boxes of screws and 8 sheets of tin.
The rest … 100% recycled thanks to:

(dismantled shipping crates – plywood for roof, door,