The Fulcrum of Affirmations

1. the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots.

1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.

1. state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly.


Complicated world we live in, huh?

One where single truths seem to rule the day; where grace seems to have given way to time; where we seem to be inundated with unsolicited opinions from an unapologetic social media; where our very identity would seem to be … obscured. If we listen to one source, we are one thing, and if we listen to another, we are something completely different ~ and there is no end to sources willing to weigh in.

Somewhere in this, we have lost touch with the simplicity of it all.

“Good morning” still means “Good morning” and “Hello” still means “Hello”. The sun rises and sets, and so too does the moon. I can still say “you are handsome” as much as I can say “you are ugly”. It’s my choice to interpret — and interact with – the world as I see fit. And whether that world is personal, natural or social, it is still my choice. Every day.

These interactions – generally, and in my opinion – are most valuable when they are affirmations. An outward commitment of my own intent, volition and emotional fabric to contribute to the social DNA of which I have to believe I am an integral part. These generally aren’t thrown willy-nilly into the ether ~ they are directed based upon a complicated array of factors that are here called the fulcrum. I likely have a good idea of the reaction based upon circumstances and therefore committing should be inwardly fulfilling and outwardly additive.


My art presents in two fashions – images and words. Through images I generally affirm that I live. Through words I generally affirm that I struggle to live. Collectively: I AM.

Here, you have both. Each framed image is paired with a poem and represents an affirmation from me. Through this installation, I hope to increase the likelihood that posterity will know me better and that it will inspire you to consider where affirmations exist in your own world. Both my confidence and my vulnerability are on display.

The images are backlit with light-emitting diodes within a hand-crafted frame and are faced with an acrylic glass and are available for $390 each. The poetry is not for sale.


The ultimate affirmation for me – as an artist – is to have someone choose a piece of art from me sight unseen. This art piece is just that.

To see The Fulcrum, it first must be purchased, the wax seal unbroken.

Sale complete, the seal is then breached and the key taken from the shadow box, lock removed and the doors flung wide ~ a public affirmation from you to me.


The banner flies as a collective affirmation that stands tall in face of one of the most prevalent social challenges: body image. It is not for sale.

For more information on getting to the gallery – click HERE.