Hi, I’m Glen

My name is Glen, and I love taking pictures of pretty much anything, it would seem, from nature to people, landscape to bugs, the moon to the sun, colourful to grey, pretty things and not so pretty things and everything in between.Everywhere I look, there is art. It’s a matter of framing it, perhaps, creating a mood by what else is in the photograph, adjusting the mood by what’s in focus and what isn’t; it’s all memorable. Well, maybe not all, but there is a fair amount that I do find memorable!

That’s what I do: I try to find the beauty and the art everywhere. From things I see through cell phones, throw away cameras, point and shoots, as well as “big boy” cameras, there is much in life to be appreciated.

This little place on the web allows me to offer you a little piece of what I see – if you’d like to. You can either simply browse and come back to old photos you like, or choose to have one of them printed or framed or made into greeting cards or whatever. All here.

Here is a “faux-wiki” bio that was a part of an exhibit and which actually does a pretty good job of introducing myself.

If you’d like me to take some pics for you, please do drop me a line.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your visit.