There is energy in the world that permeates everything and which is present everywhere. Entropy describes phenomena, including energy, that have the most profound effect on all events in human existence. Our exhibit will posit photography as a positive energy for the arts and propose that the medium is under duress from various sources whereby the entropy of photography is in danger.


Entropy, on the whole, is accepted to mean that the order of any process, without stimulus, will decay over time. We tend to view the loss of order as a bad thing.


When we speak of photography, order would best be described by the strict application of the accepted tenets of photography and which have been proven successful: lighting, the rule of thirds, use of a tripod, etc. In a world where pretty much everyone is a photographer and where the rules are easy to follow, order takes on an inverse value as there is no distinction one to the next.


We wish to showcase 5 dances which collectively offer perspective on what adhering to order has done for photographic art and the craft of photography. And at the same time, we want to question whether or not a little disorder, or entropy, might actually be the best thing that could happen for the craft.
For without entropy, we feel that photographic art as we know it may well dwindle into a memory.


There is a sixth and final dance. It is a solo number where photography takes the floor alone, and, unburdened, offers opportunity to appreciate the craft for all that it is, absent of any distractions and in full embrace of the possibility that entropy affords.

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