Shayree .. perspectives of one week


It’s been seven days so far – Shayree having arrived on the 19th. And what a seven days!

Here are a few memories that I’m bookmarking:

On the way home, we stopped for fish & chips in Kinmount

Shayree traveled super well — and she loves fish & chips!

The farm means new friends, and Shayree & Bill hit it off from the get go!


Everything is new and exciting and she’s bringing me along for the ride! Roosters crowing, geese squawking, cats meowing, llamas snorting, chickens clucking ~ it’s all new! Her absorption of it is tonic & joy.

She’s resilient!  Max has not been all friendly all the time, and Skeeter seems … unapproachable. Through it all – however – Shayree is unfazed and continues her love of life unabated.  This image makes me think of IronMan — and she is to be the IronPuppy here.

She chews on EVERYTHING and most things end up in her bed with her … I had forgotten this tendency … it’s a joy.

Play hard and stay close to bed & food! The struggle is real 🙂

Two of my loves in the same frame 🙂

Every champion starts out as a beginner 🙂

Shayree loves the dock. It’s new to her too, but for different reasons.  No matter — we are all enjoying it together.

Welcome home, Shayree!