Casual, Changing of the Guard

Glen Hartle

I don’t generally speak of any ailments/injuries I might be experiencing and this post is not intended to be any different.  Rather, it is measured to speak of the experience of an ailment/injury within a framework.

And I am the first to admit that I have taken my own health and abilities at face value, neither questioning their origins nor merit. The spectre of “could” was never in doubt; only the countenance of “should” governed engagement.

The past 142 days have offered me perspective to reconsider my stance on things.

While certainly not planned, some 30+ visits to various hospitals serving my community has afforded opportunity to see both  my peers, walking/rolling/wheeling about this planet, as well as the guardians, those whose commitment it is to see us continue walking/rolling/wheeling about this planet as best we can.

Each of my peers has made clear that we are “all in this together” – to use a now overused expression – and none of us is above/below the weakness of the body and mind when levied against time spent and time yet to spend.

Each of the guardians has made clear that their stewardship is offered when need is both obvious and not, and regardless of circumstance.

Much of the experience has been waiting for my turn, as it were.  And it is here where I am most affected by the framework — or rather, the functioning of it. It is in this state where I was able to see peers and witness their expressions mirroring their own conditions, hopes, fears and myriad emotions. It is in this state where I too was under scrutiny but not judgement. We are all in this together.

Woven into this is the other state – that of the guardians interacting with us all in similar and yet different ways. Respectful and purposeful, we were all sure to be taken care of in due time. And we each were delighted when called upon as “next” – a pronoun held in high esteem by all.

The take away has been a newfound respect for the framework and for my own health and ability. And I am grateful to be included in the one and able to expand upon the other.