Long and short: the beginnings of a new shed



Yesterday saw progress on the new shed:


Temporal modality.

It’s long been a topic of reflection for me. Back in 2013 there was this:

The essence of the poem being: well-being is relative (invokes perspective) and mutable (can change).

And after chats last night and again this morning, the concepts of well-being and happiness surfaced. Going back to the Greek:

“happiness … is the exercise of vital powers, along lines of excellence, in a life affording them scope.” – wikipedia

Which on the surface is pretty thick to wade through.

However, when I apply yesterday to that definition, I can see more clearly what Ms. Hamilton meant when she summarized a culture in a sentence.

exercise vital powers — will & ability
along lines of excellence — doing your best
life affording them scope — opportunity

And these are all ever changing over time so it is natural that happiness would come and go.  Temporal.

Modality is existence. Temporal modality — existing in time.

So, yesterday was happiness.  I built the framework for a future shed 🙂

And in the ensuing reflection, furthered my chasing of SURREALIZED — that elusive confluence of things … I was not expecting this while out in the llama paddock …



Glen Hartle

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Fri Oct 23 , 2020
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