Layers of Summer


With the official ending of summer soon here, a reflection on some of the layers which punctuated it for me.

Mornings.  Mornings played a big role. Sometimes to check if the world was still spinning and most often simply to take big breaths of life. And the kids. The kids were essential.

The harvest. Most of the year works — at least in part — around the June harvest of the haskap. This year was particularly special as – thanks to COVID – if afforded me my first real social activity in months. And this year also marks the first time that I decided to reduce the share of berries that the birds were offered …

The Pontiac Farmers’ Market. Saturdays became lead-ins for Saturdays. Social became local. Joy became commonplace.

Mother Nature. This sanctuary I call “the farm” is teeming with life and this was apparent in every corner the whole season. Never boring and always present, it was a muse worth the time.

The night sky. NEOWISE offered reason to get a chair and soak up the night sky. Storms, meteors, the Milky Way, bonfires — shored that up.

Monarch butterflies. I can’t imagine a time when I didn’t look for butterflies or stop to watch their destination-less approach to life. They are ambassadors of process.

The bears. When the fields started sprouting corn this spring – I rejoiced in the hopes that it would bring forth these “Canadian Big Five” worthy creatures.  And … my hope was well-placed. Summer hands the baton to autumn and the bears are racing with it – I there with them.

Injury. Early in the summer, I had a hand injury and it has been a very present component to the entire summer. It is surprising how much more challenging many things are with an injury … respect to those who live with chronic ailments and who still flourish.