Heart and Soul


For some 13 weeks now (since May 16), the Pontiac Farmers’ Market has been open and offering service to the community.  For 12 of those, I have had a stall and for 11 of those, we have had open poetry sharing.

It has been a joy to participate in this aspect of the market and I love the anticipation that the 10:30 gathering “at the tree” now sees. We’ve had more than half a dozen folks share both original and favourite poems and it seems that each week the audience grows larger and more keen. We’ve even shared a collective piece written by we – the vendors.

It is, in particular, an absolute joy to hear both Mary and Venetia share their original poetry week after week – something we do not take for granted though it would be easy to do so for their enthusiasm of sharing is palpable. Each and every time they speak, the crowd gathered hushes and soaks in every word.

These are all memorable moments.