Wall of memories … current age becomes old age


With restrictions, it seems the wall of memories from the past has become more relevant for many … inviting us to reconsider how we reflect, offer gratitude and reconnect. Much as we are destined to do with advancing age.

Since the outset of this website, there has always been an “On This Day” link and it has proven entirely unpopular with little to no traffic whatsoever — suggesting that my memories matter most to me. A statement likely true for … others.

Notwithstanding, today’s wall intrigues with nuggets of renovations in a house in which I no longer live, the first bear sighting on the farm, fellowship of photography, camping in the Pontiac before i even knew what the Pontiac was let alone thought of living here and the allure of generations & legacy. All wrapped up in this wee day I’ll call August 5th.