37 of 58 for 2012 – DEPOSITION


DEPOSITION – Glen Hartle

Are YOU the creator uncreated
come to renovate the world?
It’s been a hundred days
since I last saw Cyclone Larry
and I can’t afford to wait.

The cost of loss or the loss of cost
is more than I wish to bear.
I will be more than
modern Zoroastrianism
and my footprints will
linger well beyond high tide.

It did not work for
Maximinus and it will not work for me.
I must set foot within the realm
and echo my intent
lest contrary contradictions
chance undermine my cause.

I will no more tarry longer
following papilio demoleus.
Certain to be cautious and most
wary of my deathly charge
lest Sigismund be my muse.

Mark this my deposition
though not to unseat you so.
Moreover shooting off the bow
sending notice round the sun.
You really should be well aware
that change is under way.