A tryst? A row? Sibling roughhousing?


We went for a stroll today (to the bridge and back — a modest stroll). On the way there, we heard a commotion near where the bush starts and so headed down lakeside to see what was going on.  We discovered two otter locked in some type of … battle/play.  One was shrieking.

They disbanded once they realized we were there, and so we continued on our stroll only to find on the way back that they had resumed their activities. So … back at the house I grabbed camera and headed back solo.

It was quite something to observe. I don’t think it was fighting — but it was … something.  I watched for a while until suddenly I was accompanied by Max who decided it was best to chase the otter away … curse and bless him both all at once.

THIS — is an otter in full slide 🙂