Two Things In Your Favour


If you haven’t already picked up your own copy of “The Fulcrum of Affirmations”, two things are working in your favour:

1) the postal service has been deemed essential services, and

2) I still have copies for sale 🙂

Refresher on what the book is:

In August of 2019, I put together an exhibit – my most ambitious to date. Click HERE or on the image below for a more detailed description.

The 6×9 book presents the entire exhibit (images, poems and affirmations) and is available for $20 CA (add $6 for shipping within Canada for a total of $26). For neighbours south of the border, with the current exchange and postage, $20 US covers things.

Don’t stay isolated and bored!! Get your copy now 🙂


Testimonials and words of encouragement:

Glen Hartle….you amaze me! – Randy J

This exhibit itself was one thing to assimilate with the measured but robust artwork skillfully accoutered in lit frames hatted by a title and anchored by the written word of GJH. *Fulcrum of Affirmations* is your copy of this celebration of the visual form and the word. I might just have one on my coffee table. With all of that, I do recommend. – Michael M

The Fulcrum of Affirmations is my bedside book, nothing less!

I like to discover a man through his eyes and his hands, even if it takes a while to “figure him out! Hehehe!

That is what is offered in his book, in a simple and beautiful way.

I could say it is “meditation friendly” and it has a great potential for self introspection. The poems and pictures create a path in oneself, by reflection!

For those who follow Glen in his Journey, this is a must to have a feel of his essence.

Thank you, Glen for this gift! – Michel C

This piece of art is a staple in my home now, it allows me to go into places on “the farm” while sitting at home in isolation. It allows me to dream of seasons changing and what the future has in store for all of us. It makes my brain work a bit harder then the day to day Netflix episodes… The Fulcrum of Affirmations is an amazing read with great ideas and explorations while also offering visual stimulation with amazing photography of Glen Hartle! The one of a kind book comes highly recommended! – Randal S

Worth every penny. And then some.The book offers superb photography and the accompanying poems open a window on the soul of the artist. Get two (or more) you will want to share this book. – Gilles B

Knowing Glen, I can truly say this: Wonderful man, Wonderful words, Wonderful beauty. Hats off to you Glen. I recommed this book because it is a piece of art and everyone should have a piece of art in their homes. 🙂 – Angie S

I really enjoy this book. It’s a nice read and nice to pick up time and again. – Andrea S

I was impressed the first time that I read this book: for the photographs (which I knew were taken by Glen) and by the poems (which I still have a hard time believing that they were written by Glen 😄). The book is on my coffee table and I am reading them again daily. They are a great help in this time of confinement and uncertainty. – Eric D

I recommend the book. Plenty of material to think of/about. In these space restriction times, a good way to escape in other directions. – Stéphane LJ

So many lovely photos, thought provoking poems and poignant affirmations. If you don’t already have a copy, get one before Glen sells out! I thoroughly enjoyed his exhibit at the Stone School House and was so happy to take home a copy in book form after Glen’s reading at the Little Red Wagon Winery! Thank you Glen for sharing your talent and creativity! Thank you for being an inspiration ❤️ – Wendy R

Glen, I enjoy the way you think and inspire others. Like Andrea Stewart said: It’s a nice read and nice to pick up time and again. Great stuff. Thank you. I’m looking forward to others. Cheers! – Brian L

Glen is one of the most inspirational man I have encountered. His book is simply lovely and intelligent. The moment I met Glen many years ago I was in awe of his talents and his vision. If you get a chance please look for this book to purchase – Janet CK

The book of the August 2019 art installation, images and words. Images that affirm that Glen lives(!), poems paired with each image, displaying his confidence and vulnerability. The banner is a collective affirmation involving body image. You’re missing out if you don’t have a copy. – Mo L

It might sound contradictory, but I was not surprised by the creativity and emotional depth that this book contains. I can say this because I have known Glen for a very long time and he continues to teach me about life, and seeing what is right in front of us which we regularly miss. Open your mind and your heart by opening this stunning masterpiece! – Kathryn F

I was fortunate to reconnect with Glen in 2017, at our 25th reunion. Since then, I have followed his blog and his beautiful photography. His book is a whole new level of amazing. The photos are stunning and the affirmations put thoughts into words in such a powerful way. There is a depth to Glen and his work that I wish I had discovered sooner, but I am so grateful to experience it now. He is a true Renaissance man and The Fulcrum of Affirmations is a work for the ages – Michelaine L

Powerful, thought-provoking words combined with beautifully-captured images of nature create a unique experience of affirmations. Everything about the exhibit and this book is impressive and showcases Glen’s talent and imagination. This book is a wonderful way to pause, escape, reflect and let your mind wonder… – Eric R

The exhibit was quite inspiring and creative as have been all of Glen’s shows. The book gives me a chance to explore more the sense of each poems. – France L

It’s a very small book but it holds a canyon of thought……. – Richard V

Glen, a truly remarkable piece of art that you have created. The pictures are stunning as usual and the words are thought provoking. I have my favourites but they all make me ponder and reflect. Well done my friend!! – Shane O

Glen’s photos are incredibly beautiful and his poetry is thought provoking. It was a real treat to hear him read the poems and discuss them.

If you haven’t seen this yet, I encourage you to get a copy…you won’t be disappointed. – Lynne L

Sad that I missed the exhibit! When I was first made aware that the book was available I – purely on spec – bought copies for each of my spawn as well. So glad that I did. Like me, they were mesmerized by the photos and as my eldest girl-child said, “every time I re-read a page I learn something new!” Thanks Glen. – Michael D

I loved this whole project. Glen came to Alberta for my daughter/his niece’s wedding and managed the exhibit project over the thousands of miles. It was infectious to listen to his excitement and he wouldn’t even tell me what the photo was in the locked display. The poems, the photos, all gorgeous, all pieces of his heart and worth every moment of your time to peruse and enjoy. Cheers! – Corina H.