A tale of karma & gratitude (with photos)


We did our usual thing and walked down the driveway to get the mail. The driveway is essentially three parts at the moment:

1) by the house – messy, very slippery in places, full of things you don’t want to step in

2) middle part by garden/field – very messy and uneven from freeze/thaw/vehicle trough

3) bush part – VERY slippery as the sun doesn’t work magic here until very late in the melt process

So, yesterday was a snow day and there was enough snow to mask what lay beneath. Through this, we navigated the driveway up to the bush and were merrily strolling along when Max — with his prideful prance — slipped and ungracefully recovered.

I laughed.

Karma struck.

In this pic, you see a fair amount of evidence of turmoil in the snow where I fell flat on my arse/back/side/arm. Max took the high road and did not laugh. Bless him.

From there this tale is about gratitude. A trip to the mailbox always obliges a look back toward the house:

And the mailbox had a postcard doused in cologne chasing me back to a different time and place 🙂