You’re wading into dangerous waters, Liam …


It’s difficult to weigh in on the sexism dispute. As a man, my opinion is already at a disadvantage and often rendered TL;DR or uninformed before the first sentence has ended.

A few years ago, Dalhousie University had their “Dentistry Scandal” and a few days after news of the scandal broke, the university opted for a then generally unheard of process called “Restorative Justice”. I liked the general terms of the approach and so shared this:

Roughly one year later – almost to the day actually – I simply “liked” this cartoon image which appeared in the Facebook news feed. The irony in it spoke to me.

An aunt of mine subsequently sent this nugget of joy:

What followed was a very brief back-and-forth after which I was told that I cannot justify my posts, and that she was not having a conversation about this. The End.

All that to say, I’m surprised Liam Neeson has waded in and hope he isn’t lambasted for it.



Glen Hartle

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Thank you Cheryl for the pic :) ~ looks heavy. (the camera, not me. the kam-aye-rah)

Thu Jan 18 , 2018
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