Recycled Wood


I’m a big fan of doing my bit to be a part of the collective and for me this means reusing things which might otherwise be considered trash.

Earlier this year I put a call out for scrap wood. And these are the various projects for which I made use of recycled wood … so far.

  1. Coffin

The initial call-out for wood was to build a coffin for an art exhibit (A DANCE WITH ENTROPY)

2. A bonus was that there was enough donated scrap wood to use for all for all of the framed art pieces in the exhibit as well.

3. Next up was my butterfly condo.

4. and then more art for another exhibit (LAYERS OF LEGACY)

5. and yet ONE MORE exhibit (DAM ART & MY CANADA)

6. and from there things became more practical with shelves for the closet.

7. shelves in the shed.

8. drawers and shelves in the garage.

9. storage bins.

10. gate latches for the llama pen.

11. gate latch for the chicken coop.

12. nesting boxes for the chickens.

13. a new door for the coop and a similar one for the goat pen.

14. shelves for the bathroom.

15. a new bed for Suzie

16. and a fix for the threshold to the kitchen.



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