The Saskatchewan Trapezoid


The Saskatchewan Trapezoid is the crossroads where journey and destination collide and the resulting collateral damage of provincial disinterest masks real tragedy.

This is metaphor, of course, and in an effort to avoid falling victim to the TL;DR world we live in, I will try to be succinct.

REAL: Saskatchewan – it is a part of the journey but rarely the destination. People deride the boring roads where there are no curves or turns to entertain driver or passenger. The real destiny of Alberta, B.C. or Ontario awaits. And so we speed from border to border casting judgement but not appreciation. We are IN the Trapezoid.

METAPHOR: These roads invite us to hurry through and this same need to be efficient, and simultaneously entertained is already ever-present in our lives, inviting us to walk straight lines through empty fields, take fastest routes home and make one trip instead of two.

The tragedy is that the moment is lost having given way to an outcome and the Trapezoid claims another victim.



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