Enquire Within



My grandma used to get the “National Enquirer” each time my aunt would go visit the farm and bring her already-enjoyed copies with her. And once grandma was done, they’d make their way over to our house for continued enjoyment.

They were fascinating magazines! We lived in a home in a remote part of Northern Alberta and had access to essentially 2 TV channels that we could understand: CBC and CTV. Occasionally ITV would come in, but reception was sketchy. So our “social” acclimitization for the changing times within the rest of the world was … limited. These magazines afforded us this fantastic chance to see the “real world” outside the farm fence and dusty roads.

We learned of UFOs and aliens, and misshapen children – possibly their offspring. We learned of relationship configurations, physical disfigurations, and familial conflagulations. We saw images that made us pause and ones that made us stare and stories that made us gawk in open wonder. We read of singers and concerts and musical contraptions called “Walkmans”. We learned of plots to destroy and plots to corrupt and plots to attain greatness. We learned of failures and bids to rise again. We learned a LOT!

And they were the best!

I loved those days! They were days where the world seemed so…foreign and unknown, yet available if you found a way to get there. A time where you could sit on the front porch of a house deep within the woods, with turkeys, and geese, and chickens, and ducks, and cows, and pigeons, and pigs and dream of a distant and wondrous place where people had these most crazy of lives and experiences, and where one day too you might tread.

And I still have those days 🙂 Only they are not necessarily inspired by a dog-eared magazine which has finally made its way to the kitchen table after weeks – perhaps months – of travel through other kitchens and homes. These days, they are inspired more by dreaming of a home in a remote woods with turkeys, and geese, and chickens, and ducks, and cows, and pigeons, and pigs where people have the most amazing of lives and experiences.