Hi, I’m Glendon

My name is Glen and … I am.

That’s the simplest statement I can make to introduce myself.

There have been flavours of this website landing page that have gone before and I suppose each has been adequate to a point.  But how much can a few scribbled words on a web page really represent who I am?

There have been wiki pages.

There have been exhibit blurbs.

That have even been notes in newspapers and magazines.

All had the same goal — a place to start your journey here.

And now?

You’re on your own. Have a browse.  Go RANDOM. Check out some POETRY or some MUSINGS. Or look at some NATURE or things I’ve found on the WEB. Perhaps have a look at my life on the FARM or how I share FELLOWSHIP. Even posts focusing on images of me.

Welcome to the site.